Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Never Okay to Not Closing Your Door

I just had the most awkward moment. Ever.

I just got back to my room after going to a grocery store, and I found a big step ladder in the middle of my room's empty space. Looking at the ugly ceiling I have due to the ceiling-falling-apart-in-the-middle-of-the-night incident I had before, I thought maybe it was just my maid changing the bulb or something. I didn't expect random workers to be there because I heard no signs of other people in the house.

So I left the door opened and changed my pants, then I decided to change my top too because I wanted to lay down on the bed. I was just getting my hands in the sleeves when a random man walked in. "Excuse me," he said in a very casual voice. "Yes," I replied, also in a casual tone.

Then there was silence while he tidied up the ladder. In my head I was like, "What do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?! I can't continue to put this on, it'll make too much attention! But now he can see my stomach and my bra straps! But if I put this on I need to raise both my hands! That'll show him everything!!" My head was panicking so I just stood there the whole time, covering my body with my half-worn top which was pretty much revealing. 

Luckily he was an old man and didn't took a glance at all until he left. Pretty sure he saw my bra tho.

I'll be sure to close the door next time.