Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Sentences in the Shower

No, these are not shower thoughts; these are just some random sentences that come up to my mind while I shower. Basically the same things every time.

1. I should be a singer.

2. I'm so fat. Why am I so fat?!

3. Actually I'm not that fat.

4. Why didn't I say that instead?

5. My hair is gorgeous today don't let the water ruin it.

6. Too cold.

7. Too hot.

8. This is just the same like the first.

9. Why aren't I a singer again?

10. Did someone just knock the door?

11. I'm never going out this shower.

12. I should shower quicker.

13. Nah, this is good.

14. What should I wear today?

15. I really want to wear my new shorts.

16. But what goes with that kind of shorts?

17. I don't have anything that goes with that shorts.

18. I shouldn't have bought them.

19. But they're good!

20. Yeah I'll find something.

21. I sure have something...

22. Right?


24. Oh thank God it's not.

25. What would have happened if it was an insect?