Saturday, September 27, 2014


My dormitory's cafeteria doesn't serve dinner on Saturdays. Usually I go out eat with my friends somewhere, but due to my money-emergency, I need to find the cheapest (and probably free) food for dinner. Buying a ramen is a cheap way but I have indigestion problem so I can't eat only noodles. I need to eat a small amount of rice too. So today I made the dinner idea that's been hanging in my mind for weeks: 

Ramen Cup + Onigiri!
컵라면 + 삼각김밥

This is probably the easiest meal to make, you know, second after boiling the cup ramen itself. And it's a lot cheaper then eating out in a restaurant. I bought CU's cheese flavored Odari Ramen and SPAM Onigiri with total 1,900. It's a perfect meal to make in days when you don't feel like going out or a little short on cash. Here's how I did it:

First I boiled the ramen like usual, but I didn't put the seasonings in because I wasn't going to eat it with the water. Then I covered the cup and left it for about 4 minutes to let the noodles expand. While waiting I refilled my empty water jar so I could drink right after I finish eating the whole thing.

After 4 minutes, I strained it so the cup was filled with only the cooked (but not soggy) noodles. Then I put in the seasonings which came in two different packagings. I was kinda hoping there would be a quick melt sliced cheese inside, but yeah it was only a cheese flavored powder. 

Then I mixed them all with the provided chopsticks. It was a little bit difficult because of the powder seasonings, so maybe using a fork is a better option if you're not used to chopsticks. I had to stir the noodles around for a couple of times to see and make sure the seasonings are mixed well.

This is the onigiri I was talking about! It's not really an onigiri, we call it the triangle-shaped kimbab here. I chose the Spam one, just because it's so much better than the usual ones! Lol. I heated it for about 20 seconds, because if it's too cooked the seaweed will be soggy. But I heated it when I was still at the store before heading back to my dorm, so by the time I arrived it was a little bit soggy.

A lot of people don't know how to open the onigiri wrapping. If you look at the wrapping, there are numbers on every corner from 1 to 3. Number 1 is on the top, there is a little part of the plastic that you can hold and pull it downwards. It will divide the plastic into two parts, right and left, with a small line. Pull it until you get to the first point on the back side and it got off completely. Then while holding the left part with your left hand, grab the point on the right with your right hand then just pull it. Same goes to the left part. There you go, you don't have to make your hands dirty by opening the whole wrapping and losing the seaweed :)

Because my onigiri was a little soggy, I needed to use a spoon instead of my chopsticks to mix the rice and the noodles. It was difficult because the seaweed couldn't be torn, but the rice mixed pretty well after a couple times of stirring around. I made it with my noodles long, but I think it would be easier if I smashed the ramen a little bit before I boil it with hot water.

As result, it tasted reaaaalllyyy good. I definitely will make this again, but I'm gonna use a lot of different ramens to see which tastes the best!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kangen Jajanan SD

Lagi kangen berat makanin mi remes sama makaroni, akhirnya keinget semua jajanan pas masih SD. Disaat uang jajan berkisar antara 500 sampe seribu perak. Disaat minta jemputan jajanin karena lupa minta uang jajan ke nyokap. Disaat jajanan yang dipilih menjadi penanda status kegaulan di sekolah.

Dulu gue SD di Santa Ursula BSD, jaman itu kantin sekolah gue belom jualan makanan berat kea bakso dan nasi goreng. Semua makanan-makanan kecil doang. Ini beberapa jajanan paling fenomenal selama gue kelas 1 sampe 6 SD.

1. Es Mony
Bentuknya itu yang gaul banget. Kalo beli satu pack, nyusunnya di kulkas gak boleh asal taroh. Harus di tumpuk-tumpuk biar bagus gitu bentuk kipas. Biasanya di selang-seling juga narohnya. Jeruk-anggur-jeruk-anggur-jeruk. Makannya harus dipotong bagian atasnya. Biasanya sih gue dulu dipotong semua dari ujung ke ujung terus abis dipotong itu dimasukkin mulut semua lobangnya biar gak ada yang netes. Ntar pas uda mau abis mulutnya jadi perih-perih sakit gitu karena bungkusnya kelebaran buat mulut anak kecil.

2. Pez
Ini gak tau apaan tapi gaul bangeeeettttttt. Mahal di mainannya doang. Kata temen gue dulu sih jadi ini caranya permen-permennya dimasukin ke mainan itu. Jadi kea tempat permennya gitu. Cuma gue engga pernah ngerti caranya jadinya gue cuma makanin permennya trus koleksi mainannya.

3. Es Lilin
Siapa yang gak ada jualan es lilin di SDnya? Kasian banget. Penjualnya es lilin di sekolah gue itu misterius, gak ada yang pernah liat sama yang jual apalagi kenal. Pas kita keluar bubaran sekolah, itu cool box bentuk gentong itu uda ada di depan SD dan nggak lupa pasti ada partnernya yaitu toples kecil buat anak-anak bayar esnya. Di atas toplesnya ada tulisan ES LILIN- Rp 500,-. Nggak pernah ada yang nyuri loh. Semua anak-anak bayar pake gopean, kalopun kembalian juga ngambilnya jujur.

4. Coklat Payung
Seinget gue sih ini coklat rasanya engga enak ya tapi bentuknya fancy banget jadi semua anak harus punya dan doyan.

5. Anak Mas
Yaowoooo ini mi remes enak bener. Rasa bumbunya itu lho, asin bikin sedep. Harganya juga gopean kalo gak salah ya. Terus ada dua macem rasa, apa sama apa gitu. Di kantin sekolah gue dulu yang paling cepet abis itu ya mi remes ini.

6. JetZ
Yang coklat aneh banget rasanya, tapi karena semua temen gue doyan jadi gue juga doyan. Rada mahal sih, jadi gue juga agak jarang beli.

7. White Rabbit
Ini enak dan nagih banget. Apalagi unik banget kertasnya bisa dimakan. Pas pertama kali makan, gue berusaha kupas kertasnya. Trus temen gue kayak, "ih Gaby itu gak usa dilepas bisa dimakan kok. Cobain deh," tapi gue nggak percaya mereka. Gue takut keselek kertas dan mati. Sampe akhirnya ada salah satu dari mereka yang buka permen baru dan nyontohin ke gue kalo itu dimakan sama kertasnya baru akhirnya gue ikutin. Ini permen empuk-empuk keras, gue kalo ngunyah susah gitu setengah mati awalnya, apalagi kalo sambil ngobrol ama temen suka nyaris-nyaris ngeces.

8. Mie Remez ABC
Sama aja kea Anak Mas malah lebih mahal, tapi Mie Remez baru terkenal setelah Anak Mas uda gak terlalu eksis jadi ini laku juga. Gue inget iklannya nge hits banget di TV, setiap orangnya gigit minya, bungkus mi yang dia pegang kea ngeluarin garis-garis zigzag gitu tanda minya bener-bener KREMEZ.

9. Makaroni
Sekarang masih banyak dijual dimana-mana, bahkan makin banyak online shop yang jual cemilan-cemilan kea makaroni dan lidi. Tapi yang namanya makanin ginian di sekolahan emang lebih seru dan mengena di hati. Dari isinya banyak harga gope, sampe terakhir gue beli sekitar 2 bulan lalu, bungkusnya kecil banget trus harganya 3 ribu perak.

10. Lidi
Ini pacarnya si makaroni. Abis kelar makan banyak lidi gitu biasa langit-langit mulutnya ada beberapa spot yang sakit karena ketusuk, trus giginya agak pegel-pegel gimanaaaa gitu. Yang pedes sabi sih tapi karena dulu gue jajan setiap pulang sekolah doang dan minum gue pasti uda abis, gue selalu beli yang asin. Kalo yang asin uda abis, akhirnya beli yang pedes tapi sebelom dimakan di lap dulu pake tisu biar gak pedes-pedes banget.

11. Coklat Eyeglasses
Gue nggak pernah tau namanya Eyeglasses gue selalu sebutnya Permen 8. Di kelas gue dulu kalo punya banyak terus dipegang-pegang gitu bunyinya jadi berisik tapi nggemesin. Kalo uda berisik gitu, sekelas tau deh kalo kita hari itu adalah juragan permen 8. Pas istirahat semua ngantri kea minta sumbangan. Satu orang boleh minta satu dengan warna pilihan dia. Besoknya, ganti orang yang jadi juragan. Gitu terus.

Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Never Okay to Not Closing Your Door

I just had the most awkward moment. Ever.

I just got back to my room after going to a grocery store, and I found a big step ladder in the middle of my room's empty space. Looking at the ugly ceiling I have due to the ceiling-falling-apart-in-the-middle-of-the-night incident I had before, I thought maybe it was just my maid changing the bulb or something. I didn't expect random workers to be there because I heard no signs of other people in the house.

So I left the door opened and changed my pants, then I decided to change my top too because I wanted to lay down on the bed. I was just getting my hands in the sleeves when a random man walked in. "Excuse me," he said in a very casual voice. "Yes," I replied, also in a casual tone.

Then there was silence while he tidied up the ladder. In my head I was like, "What do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?! I can't continue to put this on, it'll make too much attention! But now he can see my stomach and my bra straps! But if I put this on I need to raise both my hands! That'll show him everything!!" My head was panicking so I just stood there the whole time, covering my body with my half-worn top which was pretty much revealing. 

Luckily he was an old man and didn't took a glance at all until he left. Pretty sure he saw my bra tho.

I'll be sure to close the door next time. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Random Sentences in the Shower

No, these are not shower thoughts; these are just some random sentences that come up to my mind while I shower. Basically the same things every time.

1. I should be a singer.

2. I'm so fat. Why am I so fat?!

3. Actually I'm not that fat.

4. Why didn't I say that instead?

5. My hair is gorgeous today don't let the water ruin it.

6. Too cold.

7. Too hot.

8. This is just the same like the first.

9. Why aren't I a singer again?

10. Did someone just knock the door?

11. I'm never going out this shower.

12. I should shower quicker.

13. Nah, this is good.

14. What should I wear today?

15. I really want to wear my new shorts.

16. But what goes with that kind of shorts?

17. I don't have anything that goes with that shorts.

18. I shouldn't have bought them.

19. But they're good!

20. Yeah I'll find something.

21. I sure have something...

22. Right?


24. Oh thank God it's not.

25. What would have happened if it was an insect?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tags #2

I got tagged again! Thanks Janice and Twinklingstars for nominating me :3

{Janice's questions}
❥ What made you start blogging?
Since little I have always enjoyed keeping a journal, but I guess using a book is gonna be quite inconvenient. So here it is, my online journal where I can edit everything and put photos without printing.

❥ What TV shows did you grow up watching?
I didn't grow up watching any TV shows, but I wish it was FRIENDS (even though it would be an inappropriate one for a child to grow up with).

❥ What is your scariest nightmare?
Coming home to find no one. And pleaseeee please God don't let me meet a ghost ever.

❥ What's one of your nervous habits?
Nonstop bladder.

❥ What is the first thing you notice about a person?
Their appearances, mostly hairstyles.

❥ What quote/phrase do you live by in your life?
Expect the worst from everything.

❥ If you had one personal "selfish" wish, what would it be and why?
To have a great athletic sexy body all the time no matter what I do. Because I love eating high-calories food sooo muccchhh that sometimes my workouts can't cover up :/

{Twinklingstars's questions}
❥ Your age and where are you from?
19, Indonesia.

❥ Favorite movie(s)
Les Misérables, Inception, Memoirs of a Geisha, Frozen, Lone Survivor,... Yeah basically I'm just gonna type every movie that I love here.

❥ Favorite quote(s)
There's a million different ways to say 'I love you'; 'put your seatbelt on', 'watch your step', 'get some rest'... You just gotta listen.

❥ Favorite artist(s)/Band(s)/Actor(s)/Actress(es)
Linkin Park, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Anniston.

❥ Somebody you miss a lot
Stopira Ricambi.

❥ Your dream girl/guy
A guy who's gentle, loving, faithful, and able to be a good leader.

❥ One magical ability you would want to have
Refill my bank accounts or lose weight in sleep.

❥ A letter to somebody who inspires you
...............................................Nope, nothing comes in mind.

❥ What do you want to do before you die?
To get my name well-known in Body Combat, travel everywhere, live even for a while in New York City.

I give this award to my beloved bloggers:

And my questions are:
❥ What keeps you blogging?
❥ Tell me your guilty pleasure.
❥ What's your most humiliating moment?
❥ Your favorite food
❥ What's one thing that you wish you had/could do, and why?
❥ What's your before sleeping routine?
❥ Why did you choose your current domain for your blog?
❥ Lastly, how old are you?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Good Things

Here I am again, back in Busan. I'm not lying that I hate, really really hate, going back here again. Don't get me wrong, the city is terrific and better than my hometown, but still, there's no such place as home. Plus, not being able to see my boyfriend and family and my puppies at home makes it worse. And this year I will not come home for summer break! Now my heart also breaks!

On the flight from Jakarta, all I could think about was: "Am I really doing this again?" I just can't leave Indonesia. But when I arrived and stepped out the plane, I got myself together and realised that weeping won't solve the problem. The only thing I can do now is to continue my life as a foreign student, study hard and get great score.

I found several things I considered successfully help me to feel a lot more comfortable:

1. I'm still living in the dorm but without a roommate.
Not that I don't like my previous roommate but I'm just uncomfortable having someone living in the same bedroom with me. After my previous roommate and I registered our name for this semester, apparently she needed to move out and unable to live in the dorm anymore. For some moment I was panicked because I didn't want some random person being put in the same room with me. So I asked and searched everywhere looking for a livingtel near my university. But few days before going back, my previous roommate told me that I'm not put with anyone, I will be alone. OH GOD YES! THANK YOU! Living alone in this comfortable room is the best thing that has happened to me so far in here!

2. I get to meet my friends again.
My Indonesian fellas! It's just great to see them again. (And knowing that I'm not alone).

3. I learned a lot circuit training workouts,
so I don't have anymore excuses not to exercise! I'm not going to let my body gets fatter again.

4. The weather is not a ***** like last year.

5. A good friend of mine wants to be my buddy.
By "buddy", I don't mean pal. There's this program from our university for foreign students to have a "buddy", a Korean who will help you and be your good friend/Korean tutor. My last buddy was great but she kinda just disappeared so I didn't want to register for the program again. But yesterday I met this friend, Heehoon, who I knew from an English class last semester, and he said that he wants to be a buddy. I ran into him again today and he asked me to be his buddy partner and I said yes! He's really good and he lived n San Francisco before so he speaks fluent English and I can do American manner with him! 좋다!