Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was making my project with some friends on the second floor, when my dad called my via skype. Was almost teary since it was the first time being away from my family in my birthday. They actually bought a cake!

When I got back to the study room, my friends together shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! when I thought all of them was busy preparing their final exams.

The next day, Tasshoo asked me to accompany her to a nearby stationery, then to a cafe to meet her design club senior. I left without showering or even fixing my hair, I was a mess. It turned out that my friends had prepared a surprise for me in the cafe! I was shocked I couldn't hold my laughter. I wasn't expecting anything, and I never got any surprise like that before. There were Tasshoo (of course), Gita, Hilly, Cresti, Andrew, Ginting, Ditya, Rangga, Tata, and Fatah who left early. They prepared a fruit cake with C-shaped candles representing 'combat'! Toooooooooo cute.

present from Tasshoo!

present from Andrew and Gaby Karsten

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Super delicious pizza for 5,000₩

My must-buy item every time I go to Olive Young.

Fresh from Japan!

There's an annual sand festival in Haeundae beach so I went there last week with Momo (my roomie), Ditya, and Ginting. Too bad some were not ready yet. That was my first time going to Haeundae, the sand was really really really soft it reminded me of Phuket. 

I made a sand art too :')

Quite proud of my tidy desk :P

Last night's dinner: Carbonara! Finally fulfilled my crave for this. Happy Tummy, Happy Gaby.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Taggy Thingy

Feeling so bored... Not that I don't have anything to do, to be honest I have a lot of things to do. My finals are coming in a week and I haven't prepared anything. I'll start studying tomorrow. Promise. But now I'm going to do this taggy thingy I got from Jeca :D

o Post this rule.
o Write 11 things about yourself.
o Answer the question the tagger set to you.
o Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
o Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
o You are not allowed to tag back.

o I'm addicted to the color PINK.
o I don't like coffee (any kind of it).
o I only like chocolate.
o I'm working on my muscles but yet I can't stop eating.
o I've never watched Star Wars.
o My left hand and foot are bigger than my right ones.
o I sleep like a dead cow.
o I love Thailand.
o I easily cry.
o I'm not really photogenic.
o I'm crazy about Body Combat and RPM.

What are your hobbies?
o Working out, listening to music, watching movies, making things, reading novels, doing nothing.
Do you watch KPOP shows?
o No, not really.
Who's your bias?
o Hugh Jackman, or Robert Downey Jr. Also Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.
What is your favorite movie?
o Can't answer only one. Les Miserables, Horrible Bosses, Inception.
Cellphone or laptop?
o Definitely cellphone.
Coffee or milk?
Why did you choose blogging as a way of expressing yourself?
o Because I like writing.... maybe?
What would be your excuse if your parents didn't allowed you to go on the once in a lifetime concert of your favorite group?
o "Please let me go.. I won't go to any other concerts this year, I promise! And I will study really hard if you let me go, please?" *teary puppy eyes*
Ribbons or bears?
o Both.
What are the 2 questions you want to ask me?
o How did you find your blog name and who would you pick to be in a prison with?

o What is your favorite color?
o What's your guilty pleasure?
o What is your phone ringtone?
o Older sister or younger brother?
o If you get one chance to do anything illegal, what would you do?
o Adidas or Nike?
o What shampoo do you use?
o What's your favorite chocolate?
o Salty or caramel popcorn?
o Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal?
o Coffee or tea?

Have fun :D