Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Lights

Huah. D-1 going home. My deadlines (and believe me the last 2 weeks had been killing me) are over, my stuffs are almost completely packed. My excitement for going home is almost all vanished. Lately I've been sleeping like a dead person, waking up very late in the afternoon. 10 hours of sleep in minimum, like giving a revenge for the weeks before.

But, my week is not over yet. Tomorrow my church is going to have a little Christmas celebration where my friends I need to do a short performance. Then I need to buy some souvenirs and the things my friend entrusted me to buy. I don't even have enough time to weigh my baggage.

Despite of the hectic week, I took a little refreshment today. I went out to meet the friends I met at BFIA. One of them is Singaporean, his name is Darren, and he's going to go back home for good. Even though I've only known him for a week (twice meeting him), he's like an old friend for me. It's always saddening to say goodbye. :( The other girls, Yunmi and EunJoo, are very nice girls! I'm looking forward to meet them again!

I needed to leave early before they had dinner because I planned to go to Nampodong with supposedly Rangga, CL, Ginting, and Vidi to see Christmas lights. I LOVE IT! Too bad my phone battery suddenly dropped because of the cold temperature, so I only got few photos. If only Vidi has a phone...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Glee Christmas Playlist

I can't believe how time flies so fast. It's December again! It's been almost a year since I moved to Korea. For all this time I'd been celebrating Christmas in my hometown, where Christmas doesn't feel like it is. It was always either really hot or raining. Stores keep playing the same Christmas songs over and over again every year, in maximum 2 songs- We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. No, not Jingle Bell Rock. The only Christmas decorations you can find outside your house are "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" stickers in every doors or windows.

This year I've been seeing a lot of beautiful Christmas trees (4 of them are in my school!) and the wintery weather makes it feels a lot like Christmas. In fact I'm going to have a Christmas celebration in my church right before I fly back home. My friends and I are preparing for special performance and all that comes to my mind is Glee. Believe me, I'm so not a fan. I watched the first season, but meh. Hope this performance will be great. Can't wait can't wait!

Actually I listen to Christmas songs ALL time of the year but in the last few weeks I've been setting a playlist. Well, all of Christmas songs I have are Glee Christmas albums (please don't say you don't like how they rearrange those songs and sing it in a beautiful, fun choir mode). Maybe you'd like to put them in your playlist too, to complete your Christmas season :)

1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
It's originally sung by Mariah Carey. I'm not saying that her version is not beautiful (it is very beautiful that I lipsync to it most of the time) but I prefer Glee's because choir is always great. And with voices like Amber Riley's, Lea Michele's, Diana Agron's, Jenna Ushkowit's, and Naya Rivera's.

2. Christmas Eve with You
Starts with catchy chords on piano but actually a slow-tempo pop song, and it continues to be beautiful until the end. The best part for me is the part where they do the duet "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" it's just so 

3. Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
To be honest I'm clueless about Hanukkah. What is Menorah? What is Horah? I don't even know when exactly Hanukkah is. Mark Salling's voice somehow fits this song and I just love the catchy fun beats!

4. We Need A Little Christmas
Yes, a very very very Christmas-y song. The bells sound, the high-pitched vocals, the notes, the lyric- no word to describe but love!

5. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
It's originally sung by John Lennon. Glee didn't rearrange it like they usually do but they sing it exactly the same like the original. Love the back sound vocals and I just can't hold myself from singing along in the chorus part.

6. O Holy Night
This is a solo by Lea Michele and her amazing voice is a great match to this song. If only I have that powerful clear voice, maybe you'll hear me singing this song everyday. FAAALLLL on your knees. Ooo~oohh niiggghhhtttt, deviiineeeeee!

7. Do You Hear What I Hear
Hahaha somehow this song reminds me of Africa. It's perfect for the videos, you know, the ones with starving children looking really happy and receiving helps. And on some parts it makes me imagine Jesus standing in a dangerous cliff with a shooting camera circling Him. Oh, and with wind blowing His hair and robe.

8. Let It Snow
Chris Colfer's voice is gooooood. It's a bluesy/jazzy-1960-themed song that resemble circus song. You can pretend to play this in your Beatle VW wearing your best coat on snowy street. Or maybe you want pretend to be a cabaret dancer having your own performance in Christmas. I don't know, I want to do both. When no one's around, of course.

9. Welcome Christmas
Turn up your candles and do the choir!

10. Little Drummer Boy
Looking at the title, I thought it would be a very noisy and upbeat song like Alesha Dixon's Drummer Boy. Turned out it's that rampampampam song.

11. River
Again, Lea Michele. Her voice is my favorite out of the other girls, but I don't like her facial expressions when she sings especially when she hits the long, powerful, high notes. It's a solo vocal with a piano accompaniment. Maybe I'll learn to play (and sing, probably) this song on piano when I'm home. And then I can pretend I'm having a concert. Yeah I like to let my imagination take over.

12. The First Noel
Raise your hand if you like acapella songs! Okay, don't do that. This is actually a nice acapella song. I'm not sure who's the main singer, but I can say that they can do acapella. By the way, you can look up TVXQ's Love in the Ice acapella version, or their other acapella songs. I promise you they're good. I know it's kinda out of the blue, it's not a Christmas theme topic, it doesn't fit my Christmas song playlist, but yeah, you can try to listen to it, yeah, okay.

13. Santa Baby
Last but not least, yup, Santa Baby. Mm.. the lyric is not a Christmas song, it's more like a materialistic girl making a wishlist. But its "Santa" title and its bells effect- so okay, just put it in the list and hurry down the chimney tonight!