Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Super delicious pizza for 5,000₩

My must-buy item every time I go to Olive Young.

Fresh from Japan!

There's an annual sand festival in Haeundae beach so I went there last week with Momo (my roomie), Ditya, and Ginting. Too bad some were not ready yet. That was my first time going to Haeundae, the sand was really really really soft it reminded me of Phuket. 

I made a sand art too :')

Quite proud of my tidy desk :P

Last night's dinner: Carbonara! Finally fulfilled my crave for this. Happy Tummy, Happy Gaby.


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  2. This post is seriously making my tummy growl like crazy.

  3. nyesel datang ke blog ini, jadi laper gue -___________-

  4. The sand is so amazing!