Monday, June 3, 2013

Taggy Thingy

Feeling so bored... Not that I don't have anything to do, to be honest I have a lot of things to do. My finals are coming in a week and I haven't prepared anything. I'll start studying tomorrow. Promise. But now I'm going to do this taggy thingy I got from Jeca :D

o Post this rule.
o Write 11 things about yourself.
o Answer the question the tagger set to you.
o Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
o Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
o You are not allowed to tag back.

o I'm addicted to the color PINK.
o I don't like coffee (any kind of it).
o I only like chocolate.
o I'm working on my muscles but yet I can't stop eating.
o I've never watched Star Wars.
o My left hand and foot are bigger than my right ones.
o I sleep like a dead cow.
o I love Thailand.
o I easily cry.
o I'm not really photogenic.
o I'm crazy about Body Combat and RPM.

What are your hobbies?
o Working out, listening to music, watching movies, making things, reading novels, doing nothing.
Do you watch KPOP shows?
o No, not really.
Who's your bias?
o Hugh Jackman, or Robert Downey Jr. Also Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.
What is your favorite movie?
o Can't answer only one. Les Miserables, Horrible Bosses, Inception.
Cellphone or laptop?
o Definitely cellphone.
Coffee or milk?
Why did you choose blogging as a way of expressing yourself?
o Because I like writing.... maybe?
What would be your excuse if your parents didn't allowed you to go on the once in a lifetime concert of your favorite group?
o "Please let me go.. I won't go to any other concerts this year, I promise! And I will study really hard if you let me go, please?" *teary puppy eyes*
Ribbons or bears?
o Both.
What are the 2 questions you want to ask me?
o How did you find your blog name and who would you pick to be in a prison with?

o What is your favorite color?
o What's your guilty pleasure?
o What is your phone ringtone?
o Older sister or younger brother?
o If you get one chance to do anything illegal, what would you do?
o Adidas or Nike?
o What shampoo do you use?
o What's your favorite chocolate?
o Salty or caramel popcorn?
o Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal?
o Coffee or tea?

Have fun :D

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  1. Sleep like a dead cow... lol, that's me!!!
    anyway dear, wanna link ex? I've already added you..