Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was making my project with some friends on the second floor, when my dad called my via skype. Was almost teary since it was the first time being away from my family in my birthday. They actually bought a cake!

When I got back to the study room, my friends together shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! when I thought all of them was busy preparing their final exams.

The next day, Tasshoo asked me to accompany her to a nearby stationery, then to a cafe to meet her design club senior. I left without showering or even fixing my hair, I was a mess. It turned out that my friends had prepared a surprise for me in the cafe! I was shocked I couldn't hold my laughter. I wasn't expecting anything, and I never got any surprise like that before. There were Tasshoo (of course), Gita, Hilly, Cresti, Andrew, Ginting, Ditya, Rangga, Tata, and Fatah who left early. They prepared a fruit cake with C-shaped candles representing 'combat'! Toooooooooo cute.

present from Tasshoo!

present from Andrew and Gaby Karsten