Monday, May 27, 2013

Nicest Weekend.... So Far!

Last weekend was the most interesting weekend I've ever had, so far in Korea. On Saturday the 25th, my boyfriend and I had our 14th monthsarry. Things were rough for us for couple weeks before, but it's getting better and better lately. Praying the hard times had completely passed O:)

Let's keep having frappuccino and milk tea for ever :)

My Indonesian friends and I were preparing a performance for the event Global Gathering which was held on Saturday, and we NAILED IT! The exhausting and nonstop practice was worth it. We performed a choir, some traditional dances, a hip-hop performance, and a 38 students' flashmob. The crowd was getting excited and more crowded when we were on stage, made us even more excited too.

A wish-globe I found in a stall, chose the pink marker to make myself a wish.

They performed a traditional capoeira dance, which seems like so much fun!

Got these from the Japanese stall... A kind of traditional opera mask, I guess?
Our Indonesian community at Kyungsung University also made a stall, we sold indomie cabe ijo and indomie rendang, bakwan, chocoball, some cocktails, and indonesian souvenirs. I bought myself one portion of indomie cabe ijo! Some of our community sang Indonesian songs in front of our stall making the tourists came over. We also had some friends dressed in Indonesian traditional clothes :)

On Sunday, we batch 8 students went to APEC Park to have a picnic. A real picnic with pizza, chicken, and kimbab roll on the grass. The weather was hot tho, and we had to wait for some hours before our friends came with our food. But when we had our meals the mood lightened up, and we did some crazy Gentleman dancing there. Not wanting to go home, we continued our picnic with renting bicycles and cycling around the park for around an hour. It was my first real outdoor moving bike after 6 years, I had some trouble balancing myself at first but I learned it again quickly! I even got to cycle without using both of my hands :D

A chocolate milk I bought on the way home. The vending machine didn't have any Jetty so I bought this. Jetty still tastes better :(

Then at night I went out for dinner with my friends. Actually some of us wanted to have all-you-can-eat samgyupsal, but the price was expensive so the rest of us didn't agree. We finally found a low-cost samgyupsal-look-alike restaurant so we decided to eat there. It was delicious, tho. It was not late yet so we walked around and tried some prize-taker machine (I don't know what it is called, it's the thing you put in money then you try to take a prize inside it). Ginting is an expert at this, he got me a Mollang pluggy for my phone yesterday. They also accompanied me to buy a new phone case for my phone. On the way back to our dorm, we dropped by to a baseball practice stadium in front of our school, and last to a billiard home right next to our dorm building.

This is chocolate.
You don't need to know the brand.
And you don't need to know what does it look like.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Exploring Nampodong

Not that I had never been to Nampodong before, but today was the first time I explored it. I took some a lot of photos ㅋㅋ I call this "Play Tourist", a term where I pretend to be tourist so I can take many photos and not using korean. Today the tourists were Tasshoo, Hilly, and I.

As soon as we arrived, we got hungry so we looked around for some food corner. We decided to try this Tong Bbab, and we loved it very very very much! Their menu are like GGGo's, noodle or rice in cups, but they have some other menu like chicken or french fries. We bought beef fried rice and chicken jumbo. Their chicken was delicious but since I don't like yangnyom taste very much, I won't say it's very special. But we loved the fried rice! The taste was similar to Indonesian fried rice, and the price was cheap ;) I want to go here again next time <3

After finishing our meals, we went around and started shopping. We didn't buy that many, though. I fell in love with many clothes but the price were not cheap enough so I had to let them go ;A; Some stores sold clothes in unbelievable low price so their little stores became so crowded, we couldn't even move!

A t-shirt I found... LOL.

Super cute trendy outfits for kids, hahahah looking at this makes me want to have kids my own!

The Ajusshi posed like this when he knew I was taking a photo HAHA!

Saw a Samulnori performance on the way.

Hilly's mango and Tassho's yogurt super tall ice cream. I would have buy one too, but the chocolate one was empty :(

Later we found a 4D Simulation Ride studio, Tasshoo and I got a little bit too excited, so we got in and asked for the scariest horror film. SOK! Hilly didn't want to join us so she sat outside the studio keeping our belongings. The poster of the film we chose was scary, actually, so we got a little bit nervous when our turn came. We set our mind for something really scary, so when the movie just started we got surprised to anything moving. The scary part was not even there yet! HAHAHA. Yeah, I admit the film WAS scary. Not satisfied with just one film, we paid again for second round. We almost chose Horror Park but we changed our mind to a roller coaster thingy. The film was in snowy set so for few times we were sprayed with "snow" and we got really happy, hahahahaha pathetic girls :')

The light changes, you know. It's called Swaggy Skull.

This is our first film, it does look scary, doesn't it?

Feeling hungry for dinner, we went around looking for something to eat. I was thinking pasta but Hilly who just bought a super tall ice cream (yes, the photo was up there) didn't want to eat that much. So we kept on walking until we saw a little crepe stall. The queue was crowded we decided to follow them. Play Tourist, right?

We ourselves queued for more than 30 minutes.. The sky was dark already when we got ours.

Nutella-based crepe - Drools. Drools. Drools.
Mine was Nutella Crepe with Almond :)

Not satisfied with a crepe, I bought some churros. It tasted good like Cafe Churreria!

I only bought one but the seller gave me an extra :)

Gosh I love Odeng! <3

What I got from Nampodong. Are these considered many or not?