Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Lights

Huah. D-1 going home. My deadlines (and believe me the last 2 weeks had been killing me) are over, my stuffs are almost completely packed. My excitement for going home is almost all vanished. Lately I've been sleeping like a dead person, waking up very late in the afternoon. 10 hours of sleep in minimum, like giving a revenge for the weeks before.

But, my week is not over yet. Tomorrow my church is going to have a little Christmas celebration where my friends I need to do a short performance. Then I need to buy some souvenirs and the things my friend entrusted me to buy. I don't even have enough time to weigh my baggage.

Despite of the hectic week, I took a little refreshment today. I went out to meet the friends I met at BFIA. One of them is Singaporean, his name is Darren, and he's going to go back home for good. Even though I've only known him for a week (twice meeting him), he's like an old friend for me. It's always saddening to say goodbye. :( The other girls, Yunmi and EunJoo, are very nice girls! I'm looking forward to meet them again!

I needed to leave early before they had dinner because I planned to go to Nampodong with supposedly Rangga, CL, Ginting, and Vidi to see Christmas lights. I LOVE IT! Too bad my phone battery suddenly dropped because of the cold temperature, so I only got few photos. If only Vidi has a phone...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Glee Christmas Playlist

I can't believe how time flies so fast. It's December again! It's been almost a year since I moved to Korea. For all this time I'd been celebrating Christmas in my hometown, where Christmas doesn't feel like it is. It was always either really hot or raining. Stores keep playing the same Christmas songs over and over again every year, in maximum 2 songs- We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. No, not Jingle Bell Rock. The only Christmas decorations you can find outside your house are "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" stickers in every doors or windows.

This year I've been seeing a lot of beautiful Christmas trees (4 of them are in my school!) and the wintery weather makes it feels a lot like Christmas. In fact I'm going to have a Christmas celebration in my church right before I fly back home. My friends and I are preparing for special performance and all that comes to my mind is Glee. Believe me, I'm so not a fan. I watched the first season, but meh. Hope this performance will be great. Can't wait can't wait!

Actually I listen to Christmas songs ALL time of the year but in the last few weeks I've been setting a playlist. Well, all of Christmas songs I have are Glee Christmas albums (please don't say you don't like how they rearrange those songs and sing it in a beautiful, fun choir mode). Maybe you'd like to put them in your playlist too, to complete your Christmas season :)

1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
It's originally sung by Mariah Carey. I'm not saying that her version is not beautiful (it is very beautiful that I lipsync to it most of the time) but I prefer Glee's because choir is always great. And with voices like Amber Riley's, Lea Michele's, Diana Agron's, Jenna Ushkowit's, and Naya Rivera's.

2. Christmas Eve with You
Starts with catchy chords on piano but actually a slow-tempo pop song, and it continues to be beautiful until the end. The best part for me is the part where they do the duet "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" it's just so 

3. Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
To be honest I'm clueless about Hanukkah. What is Menorah? What is Horah? I don't even know when exactly Hanukkah is. Mark Salling's voice somehow fits this song and I just love the catchy fun beats!

4. We Need A Little Christmas
Yes, a very very very Christmas-y song. The bells sound, the high-pitched vocals, the notes, the lyric- no word to describe but love!

5. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
It's originally sung by John Lennon. Glee didn't rearrange it like they usually do but they sing it exactly the same like the original. Love the back sound vocals and I just can't hold myself from singing along in the chorus part.

6. O Holy Night
This is a solo by Lea Michele and her amazing voice is a great match to this song. If only I have that powerful clear voice, maybe you'll hear me singing this song everyday. FAAALLLL on your knees. Ooo~oohh niiggghhhtttt, deviiineeeeee!

7. Do You Hear What I Hear
Hahaha somehow this song reminds me of Africa. It's perfect for the videos, you know, the ones with starving children looking really happy and receiving helps. And on some parts it makes me imagine Jesus standing in a dangerous cliff with a shooting camera circling Him. Oh, and with wind blowing His hair and robe.

8. Let It Snow
Chris Colfer's voice is gooooood. It's a bluesy/jazzy-1960-themed song that resemble circus song. You can pretend to play this in your Beatle VW wearing your best coat on snowy street. Or maybe you want pretend to be a cabaret dancer having your own performance in Christmas. I don't know, I want to do both. When no one's around, of course.

9. Welcome Christmas
Turn up your candles and do the choir!

10. Little Drummer Boy
Looking at the title, I thought it would be a very noisy and upbeat song like Alesha Dixon's Drummer Boy. Turned out it's that rampampampam song.

11. River
Again, Lea Michele. Her voice is my favorite out of the other girls, but I don't like her facial expressions when she sings especially when she hits the long, powerful, high notes. It's a solo vocal with a piano accompaniment. Maybe I'll learn to play (and sing, probably) this song on piano when I'm home. And then I can pretend I'm having a concert. Yeah I like to let my imagination take over.

12. The First Noel
Raise your hand if you like acapella songs! Okay, don't do that. This is actually a nice acapella song. I'm not sure who's the main singer, but I can say that they can do acapella. By the way, you can look up TVXQ's Love in the Ice acapella version, or their other acapella songs. I promise you they're good. I know it's kinda out of the blue, it's not a Christmas theme topic, it doesn't fit my Christmas song playlist, but yeah, you can try to listen to it, yeah, okay.

13. Santa Baby
Last but not least, yup, Santa Baby. Mm.. the lyric is not a Christmas song, it's more like a materialistic girl making a wishlist. But its "Santa" title and its bells effect- so okay, just put it in the list and hurry down the chimney tonight!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lesson Noted: Always Bring Cash!

Janjian pergi makan jam 11, gue baru bangun jam 11. Pas bangun ternyata udah dicariin dan ditungguin di lobby dorm, huaaa nggak sempet deh merem melek dulu. Langsung lompat mandi siap-siap. Pas turun langsung jalan, nggak mikir perlu ambil uang di ATM dulu ato enggak. Ketawa ketiwi jalan ke subway station, isi ulang kartu. Pas lagi antri, tiba-tiba Ito sama Rangga ngomong, "berapa sih ongkosnya PP?" "Hmm, dua ribu tiga ribu tambah tiga ratus tambah itu.. ceban lah."


Apakah saya punya sepuluh ribu? Ternyata tidak, saudara-saudara. Saya cuma punya selembar lima ribu rupiah.

"Yaudalah," kata Rangga. "Nanti pulangnya isi lagi aja ongkosnya." Mikir pasti ada ATM di tempat tujuan, jadi tenang dikit. Naiklah kita subway ke arah Yangsan. Kita mau makan makanan indonesia di Gimhae, jauuuuhhhh banget. Harus turun di interchange Sasang, naik monorail sampe Buwon, trus naik bus sampe tempatnya. Udah satu setengah jam perjalanan nih, udah di monorail, ngobrol sama Andrew.

"Ndru, jauh amat yak tempatnya. Gue udah mulai mabok darat nih."
"Iya nih memang. Abisnya pindah region sih."
"Loh emangnya Gimhae itu nggak termasuk kota Busan? (tempat tinggal kita saat ini)"
"Dia itu district sendiri. Makanya nggak ada Busan Bank disana (satu-satunya ATM gue)."
"HAH nggak ada Busan Bank? Sama sekali?"
"Nggak ada.."

Panik mulai menyerang. Nyeseeeeell banget nggak pernah sedia uang di dompet. Selalu ambil ngepas dan kalo butuh doang. Nggak mungkin balik ambil duit, nggak mungkin juga sampe sana nggak makan. Dan yang bikin panik lagi, berarti gue nggak bisa pulang dong, nggak bisa isi ulang kartu transport. Mampus mampus mampus mampus mampus.

Tapi masi pura-pura cool.

Udah sampe di halte bus, gue bilang ke Richard. "Gue nggak punya cash lho." Dia tersenyum lebar, "trus lu mau makan pake apa? Kita semua cuma bawa pas ceban-ceban." Makin takut lagi kan jadinya. Mana gue kemaren masi ngutang Rangga 2 ribu. Sering deh gue ngutang Rangga. Kan nggak enak masa mau ngutang lagi.

Udah sampe tempatnya, karena laper lupa sama kekurangan duitnya. Masuk ke restoran kecil tersembunyi namanya Warung Pojok. Ternyata yang punya itu orang Korea tapi pernah tinggal di Indonesia lama. Jenis makanannya kea warteg gitu, cuma ini kita ambil sendiri semuanya, dari nasi sampe lauknya. Suka-suka dah sana. Gue antri paling belakang, si Ito ambil semua-muanya, Richard ambil banyak banget, Rangga juga ambil lumayan. Gue dalem hati mikir, gila nggak mahal apa kea gitu makannya. Pas gue ngambil lauk, gue ambil secukupnya. Rendang sepotong aja, minya dikit aja, risolnya satu aja, satenya satu aja. Yang penting ambil sambel banyak sama kuahin sampe banjir. Gue udah inget-ingetin tuh apa yang gue ambil buat nanti bayarnya.

Ambil teh botol sosro, makan. Tengah-tengah makan kaget keinget duit.
"Ko ini bisa pake kartu nggak sih?"
Richard ngangguk, "bisa kok bisa."
"Yakin lu?"
"Iya bisa."
"Busan Bank loh."
"Bisa bawel."
"Tapi disini kan bukan Busan."
"Lu coba aja sana!"
"Iya, iya."

Pas udah mau kelar makan, si Richard ngambil lele goreng. Gue nggak pernah makan lele sebelomnya, nyoba dikit. Enaaakk ternyata. Pas udah abis, gue masi pengen. Dia suru gue ambil lagi cuma gue dalem hati mikir "yah mahal ah, yauda sabar aja nanti sampe Indo baru makan lele."

Pas bayar, gue paling terakhir. Tapi kok orang-orang bayar cepet banget pada nggak nyebutin apa aja yang dimakan ya? "Ko ini makannya makan apa sih tadi?" "Makan biasa." "Hah yang mana sih makan biasa itu berapa?" "Ini kan makan suka-suka gab, sepuasnya."

WATDEFAK! Jadi, gue bayar 6000 won cuma buat segitu????? GIMME BACK MY LELEEHHH!!! Kesel banget pas bayar, sampe luar masi ngomel-ngomel karena gue nggak tau itu makan sepuasnya.

"Lah Gab tadi kan gue sempet nanya ke Richard ini boleh bolak balik ngambil ato cuma sekali," kata Ito.
"Gue nggak denger lu nanya gitu..."

"Gue dari pertama bilang ini prasmanan gitu," kata Rangga.
"Gue nggak tau arti prasmanan!!!!"

 MY LELE.........

Baliknya dari sana kita naik bus sampe Lotte Mall di Busan. Lumayan jauh, tapi ternyata kartu transport gue masih cukup buat bayar busnya. Abis liat-liat Lotte Mall, pindah ke H&M mau liat-liat sweater katanya banyak diskon. Yah elah yang diskon mah jelek-jelek terus baju-baju summer. Mengingat saldo yang sebenernya sedikit banget jadi cari yang murah aja deh. Nggak nemu, cari lagi lagi lagi akhirnya beli dua kemeja summer gara-gara malu daritadi nyoba masa nggak ada yang diambil. Yaudalah diskon ini. Kalo sekarang dipikir sih nggak murah. Tapi tadi keliatan murah. Hmmmm.

Udah jam 6, mau ke Gwangalli nonton firework festival. Rangga, Andrew sama Robin udah pulang, jadi sekarang tinggal gue, Ito ama Richard. Ito naek, tap kartu, "terima kasih." Richard naek, tap kartu, "terima kasih". Gue naek, tap kartu, "saldo Anda tidak mencukupi." Ea satu bus tau uang gue kurang.

Busnya jalan tapi supirnya ngeliatin gue melulu. Ito tap kartu dia nggak bisa cuma bisa dipake satu orang. Akhirnya Richard kasi gue dua ribu huhuhu baik sekali. Kalo nggak gue jalan kaki pulang.

Sampe di Gwangalli, rame bangettttttt. Satu setengah juta orang yang dateng. Nggak dapet tempat duduk jadi sepanjang nunggu mulai plus nontonnya sekitar 50 menit itu berdiri, pegel banget. Mana diserobot-serobot, harus bertahan sekuat tenaga. Kiri depan kanan semua pacaran ciuman-ciuman bikin galau pengen gue jotos. Rasanya males banget, capek pengen pulang. Tapi begitu mulai langsung seneng, ternyata bagus banget. 50 menit nggak berasa deh. Baguuuussssss banget. Diputer lagu-lagu dramatis yang cocok juga jadi makin bagus, kea Skyfall gitu. Taun depan harus dateng lagi.

Pulangnya, jalan kakiiiii sampe rumah. Nggak punya uang buat makan lagi, untung aja nggak terlalu laper dan  dibolehin nyomot-nyomot makanannya Ito sama Richard. Kaki pegel sakit setengah mati. Batere abis, nggak bisa nyariin pacar. Capeeekkkk.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pengalaman, Kalo Kata Mama

Pulang dari kelas siang-siang langsung makan trus buang air, sudah jadi ritual. Tapi yang bikin hari ini jadi spesial yaitu: WCNYA MAMPET. Pas mau cebok, nah lho kok airnya gak surut? Kok airnya "tidak jernih"? Panik.

Coba flush lagi deh... airnya keluar semua sampe penuh, trus surut pelan-pelan.
Mungkin di flush lagi jadi kesedot.. oh ternyata airnya jadi penuh lagi, makin kotor dan surutnya makin lama.
Coba sekali lagi kali ya... Eaaa airnya jadi penuh tapi trus diem gk ada surutnya.


Takut si roomate masuk kamar mandi tanpa pengawasan terus jerit, jadinya gue bikinin peringatan.

Bolak-balik ke kamar mandi, nengokin surut ato engga, gimana keadaannya. Nahan mau muntah tiap masuk kamar mandi. Karena lumayan desperet langsung browsing kalo wc mampet. Solusi yang gue temuin itu pake soda api. Tapi ya kali beli soda api di Korea, bahasa koreanya apa juga nggak tau, beli kemana juga nggak tau. Solusi lain, panggil tukang sedot WC. Lebih nggak mungkin lagi kan.

Mau lapor ke kantor asrama di bawah, tapi takut ntar dia ikut naik trus liat harta karun di klosetnya. Karena si roomate udah berangkat kelas, gue sendirian dan bingung. Akhirnya dia kakaotalk bilang suruh pinjem kop karet item-item itu dari kantor. Yaudah gue turun trus bilang kalo toilet mampet. Akhirnya dipinjemin alat pompa kloset tapi semua orang jadi tau gitu ngeliatin gue nenteng-nenteng gituan trus masuk lift.

Pas udah masuk kamar, nah ini dia. Pura-pura buta trus pompa, pompa, pompa, nggak tau caranya bener ato enggak yang penting pompa terus deh. Aduhhh tiap di pompa itu anginnya bau banget NAJIS banget deh. Terussss pompa terusssss eh pas liat lagi, udah mau abis! Pompa lagi dikit, flush, tererenggggg beres semua. Flush berkali-kali lagi, memastikan bahwa memang sudah selesai perjuangan ini.

Tapi ternyata perang belom selesai! Sekarang kop karet jelek dan bau itu harus gue cuci pake sabun sebelom dibalikin ke kantor. Sabunin pake Dove, trus bersihin pake tangan cepet-cepet asal kena semua bagian deh pokoknya HIIIIIIIIIIIII. Pas udah selesai langsung cuci tangan trus keluar kamar mandi. Begitu udah nutup pintu kamar mandi itu rasanya kea HUAH gitu lega banget.

Pengalamaaaaaannn, kalo kata mama.

*nggak bisa lupa apa yang diliat* *spijles*

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was making my project with some friends on the second floor, when my dad called my via skype. Was almost teary since it was the first time being away from my family in my birthday. They actually bought a cake!

When I got back to the study room, my friends together shouted HAPPY BIRTHDAY! when I thought all of them was busy preparing their final exams.

The next day, Tasshoo asked me to accompany her to a nearby stationery, then to a cafe to meet her design club senior. I left without showering or even fixing my hair, I was a mess. It turned out that my friends had prepared a surprise for me in the cafe! I was shocked I couldn't hold my laughter. I wasn't expecting anything, and I never got any surprise like that before. There were Tasshoo (of course), Gita, Hilly, Cresti, Andrew, Ginting, Ditya, Rangga, Tata, and Fatah who left early. They prepared a fruit cake with C-shaped candles representing 'combat'! Toooooooooo cute.

present from Tasshoo!

present from Andrew and Gaby Karsten

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Super delicious pizza for 5,000₩

My must-buy item every time I go to Olive Young.

Fresh from Japan!

There's an annual sand festival in Haeundae beach so I went there last week with Momo (my roomie), Ditya, and Ginting. Too bad some were not ready yet. That was my first time going to Haeundae, the sand was really really really soft it reminded me of Phuket. 

I made a sand art too :')

Quite proud of my tidy desk :P

Last night's dinner: Carbonara! Finally fulfilled my crave for this. Happy Tummy, Happy Gaby.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Taggy Thingy

Feeling so bored... Not that I don't have anything to do, to be honest I have a lot of things to do. My finals are coming in a week and I haven't prepared anything. I'll start studying tomorrow. Promise. But now I'm going to do this taggy thingy I got from Jeca :D

o Post this rule.
o Write 11 things about yourself.
o Answer the question the tagger set to you.
o Create 11 new questions for those you want to tag.
o Choose 11 bloggers to be tagged and link them to the post.
o You are not allowed to tag back.

o I'm addicted to the color PINK.
o I don't like coffee (any kind of it).
o I only like chocolate.
o I'm working on my muscles but yet I can't stop eating.
o I've never watched Star Wars.
o My left hand and foot are bigger than my right ones.
o I sleep like a dead cow.
o I love Thailand.
o I easily cry.
o I'm not really photogenic.
o I'm crazy about Body Combat and RPM.

What are your hobbies?
o Working out, listening to music, watching movies, making things, reading novels, doing nothing.
Do you watch KPOP shows?
o No, not really.
Who's your bias?
o Hugh Jackman, or Robert Downey Jr. Also Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.
What is your favorite movie?
o Can't answer only one. Les Miserables, Horrible Bosses, Inception.
Cellphone or laptop?
o Definitely cellphone.
Coffee or milk?
Why did you choose blogging as a way of expressing yourself?
o Because I like writing.... maybe?
What would be your excuse if your parents didn't allowed you to go on the once in a lifetime concert of your favorite group?
o "Please let me go.. I won't go to any other concerts this year, I promise! And I will study really hard if you let me go, please?" *teary puppy eyes*
Ribbons or bears?
o Both.
What are the 2 questions you want to ask me?
o How did you find your blog name and who would you pick to be in a prison with?

o What is your favorite color?
o What's your guilty pleasure?
o What is your phone ringtone?
o Older sister or younger brother?
o If you get one chance to do anything illegal, what would you do?
o Adidas or Nike?
o What shampoo do you use?
o What's your favorite chocolate?
o Salty or caramel popcorn?
o Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal?
o Coffee or tea?

Have fun :D

Monday, May 27, 2013

Nicest Weekend.... So Far!

Last weekend was the most interesting weekend I've ever had, so far in Korea. On Saturday the 25th, my boyfriend and I had our 14th monthsarry. Things were rough for us for couple weeks before, but it's getting better and better lately. Praying the hard times had completely passed O:)

Let's keep having frappuccino and milk tea for ever :)

My Indonesian friends and I were preparing a performance for the event Global Gathering which was held on Saturday, and we NAILED IT! The exhausting and nonstop practice was worth it. We performed a choir, some traditional dances, a hip-hop performance, and a 38 students' flashmob. The crowd was getting excited and more crowded when we were on stage, made us even more excited too.

A wish-globe I found in a stall, chose the pink marker to make myself a wish.

They performed a traditional capoeira dance, which seems like so much fun!

Got these from the Japanese stall... A kind of traditional opera mask, I guess?
Our Indonesian community at Kyungsung University also made a stall, we sold indomie cabe ijo and indomie rendang, bakwan, chocoball, some cocktails, and indonesian souvenirs. I bought myself one portion of indomie cabe ijo! Some of our community sang Indonesian songs in front of our stall making the tourists came over. We also had some friends dressed in Indonesian traditional clothes :)

On Sunday, we batch 8 students went to APEC Park to have a picnic. A real picnic with pizza, chicken, and kimbab roll on the grass. The weather was hot tho, and we had to wait for some hours before our friends came with our food. But when we had our meals the mood lightened up, and we did some crazy Gentleman dancing there. Not wanting to go home, we continued our picnic with renting bicycles and cycling around the park for around an hour. It was my first real outdoor moving bike after 6 years, I had some trouble balancing myself at first but I learned it again quickly! I even got to cycle without using both of my hands :D

A chocolate milk I bought on the way home. The vending machine didn't have any Jetty so I bought this. Jetty still tastes better :(

Then at night I went out for dinner with my friends. Actually some of us wanted to have all-you-can-eat samgyupsal, but the price was expensive so the rest of us didn't agree. We finally found a low-cost samgyupsal-look-alike restaurant so we decided to eat there. It was delicious, tho. It was not late yet so we walked around and tried some prize-taker machine (I don't know what it is called, it's the thing you put in money then you try to take a prize inside it). Ginting is an expert at this, he got me a Mollang pluggy for my phone yesterday. They also accompanied me to buy a new phone case for my phone. On the way back to our dorm, we dropped by to a baseball practice stadium in front of our school, and last to a billiard home right next to our dorm building.

This is chocolate.
You don't need to know the brand.
And you don't need to know what does it look like.